Training & Seminars

Site/company Specific RCRA/hazardous waste education and training

Hazardous waste training isn’t just a good idea, in many cases it’s required for employees who handle, or are exposed to, hazardous waste. We customize training to meet your specific needs, and ensure applicable facility personnel have the training they need to prevent regulatory problems and limit risk.

We provide onsite or offsite custom, site-specific training and documentation for individuals or groups. Our RCRA training modules — developed by former regulators — are logical, easy to understand and presented with real world practicality. Provide all levels of generators, handlers and employees with the tools and knowledge to successfully navigate the complexities of RCRA and prevent faulty regulatory interpretations that can lead to noncompliance.

Our courses blend engaging presentations, discussions, written materials and exercises to simplify the complexities of RCRA. Ensure your employees have the knowledge to keep themselves safe and your facility in compliance.

Our RCRA training includes the following courses:

Hazardous waste training
New employee or yearly refresher formats
One-day RCRA basics and background
Two-day intermediate RCRA training
Site-specific Contingency Plan training
RCRA TSD facility training
“What to Expect When You’re Inspected” – A Guide to Hazardous Waste Management Inspections