Hazardous Waste Management

Expert guidance and support from experienced former environmental regulators

The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations are voluminous, complex and ever changing. Whether your company is a hazardous waste generator or permitted TSD facility, you must adhere to the extensive rules regulating chemical or industrial waste including identification, classification, handling, storage, transportation and employee safety.

Novesis offers you the reassurance of decades of expertise. As former South Carolina regulators, our senior-level professionals have successfully developed, enforced and defended a wide range of hazardous waste applications and modifications based on a history including more than 1,000 RCRA inspections and participation in 200+ state and federal enforcement conferences. We simplify compliance and help your environmental team navigate the fluctuating regulatory landscape with confidence.  

We help you find the safest, smartest strategies to manage both state and federal regulations without risking your company’s operations or integrity.

Waste characterization
Compliance strategies
Contingency plans
Recycling and reuse exclusions
Drip-Pad (Subpart W) compliance & closure
Hazardous waste training
RCRA air organics (Subparts AA, BB, CC)