Litigation Support

Expert testimony, witness, reports, and litigation support for environmental matters

Novesis professionals have over 40 years of experience and insight honed through working for both industry and government. Our specialists include former state regulators, private-sector environmental managers and consultants. We are proficient in evaluating and explaining complex regulatory matters, sophisticated technical processes, and communicating prospective solutions in clear and understandable terms. Our senior professionals have been qualified as expert testifying witnesses and have acted in matters as consulting experts for litigation support.

Environmental cases, whether administrative or civil, frequently present complex considerations requiring expert interpretation. Our staff are uniquely qualified in areas of solid and hazardous management including:

  • Hazardous waste characterization
  • Permitting issues under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) for treatment, storage and disposal (TSD) facilities
  • Compliance inspections
  • State and federal (EPA) enforcement actions
  • Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) matters
  • Hazard ranking system (HRS) scoring, review and dispute
  • Evaluation of potentially responsible party (PRP) allocation

Our professionals have helped defend companies in judicial and administrative proceedings (including penalty enforcement matters before state agencies and EPA).  References are available upon request. Please contact Novesis to see if our professionals can support your team.

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Litigation support
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