RCRA Facility Permitting

Hazardous waste facility permitting, modifications and renewals for hazardous waste management

Facilities applying for a permit to treat, store or dispose of hazardous waste subject themselves to unparalleled regulatory scrutiny and obligation. Even the process of modifying or renewing an existing operating permit is a tremendous administrative burden that can spawn compliance problems, costly fines or legal issues.

As former regulators, Novesis strategists are senior-level environmental professionals deeply experienced in the development, modification and renewal of advanced Part B permits. We create applications that match operations, with obligations your company can fulfill. Rather than rubberstamping an inadequate permit application, we plumb the details to find cost and management efficiencies that simplify, clarify and streamline compliance.

One of the biggest reasons we’re so well versed in the challenges of maintaining productive operations while meeting environmental obligations is actually very simple. We’ve been in your shoes.

Permit evaluations
Permit applications
Permit modifications (minor – major)
Permit renewals
Exclusions and exemptions
Administrative support