Environmental Site Assessments

Site assessment and remediation of impacted properties

With funding and a growing focus on reuse, many impacted RCRA and Superfund sites can go on to enjoy second lives. Getting there, however, isn’t easy. Confusing regulatory laws, spotty liability chains and potential risks can quickly sideline redevelopment or stall a planned merger or acquisition.

The Novesis team has decades of experience in site investigation, assessment and clean up. Whether identifying responsible owners, disputing an inflated HRS score or determining which regulatory program applies at the state or federal level, our investigators bring uncommon regulatory expertise and clarity to even the most impacted sites.

We help you manage risk as quickly as possible, bringing closure to your project without the added stresses and costs of incompetent reporting or unqualified investigators.

RCRA Facility Assessments (RFA)
RCRA Facility Investigations (RFI)
Voluntary Cleanup Contract (VCC)
Voluntary Cleanup Programs (VCP)
Remedial Investigations (RI)/Feasibility Studies (FS)
Corrective Measures Study (CMS)
Soil and groundwater analysis
Environmental site assessments
Environmental remediation