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“What to Expect When You’re Inspected” is a web-based training presentation designed to prepare you and your staff for a federal/state RCRA (hazardous waste) inspection.  It provides your company with the tools and knowledge needed to properly manage your regulatory inspection.  The information this presentation provides you will help maximize the opportunity for a positive outcome, and it is presented in by a former State regulator who has conducted over 700 RCRA inspections.

This training covers the critical elements of a RCRA inspection including the typical format of receiving a hazardous waste inspection, from beginning to end.  You will learn typical reasons why the inspector is at your plant, what the inspector is looking for, valuable “tips of the trade” the regulator uses during the inspection to gain information, things you should and should not say, and how to best manage the inspection to avoid surprises once you receive your inspection report.  It also includes "real-world" stories our presenter has seen and experienced throughout his 40-year regulatory career.

We have provided this presentation to many of our clients, including several fortune 100 companies. The feedback we've gotten has been overwhelmingly positive.  We are confident this course will benefit you and your company, you will not find training like this anywhere else.

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