CERCLA Superfund Assistance

Support for assessment and liability of CERCLA Superfund sites

National Priorities List (NPL or Superfund) sites come with a unique set of concerns and constraints. A listing on the NPL creates extensive regulatory scrutiny and negative publicity. When the threat of a site listing is dependent on the highly complex Hazard Ranking System (HRS) scoring matrix; the evaluation, inspection, assessment and correct scoring of a site is critical.

The experienced site evaluators of Novesis are experts in the HRS, used by EPA to score NPL/Superfund sites. In fact, our founder was among the first state regulators to be trained by the creator of the HRS system. During his tenure as a state regulator, he scored more than 50 CERCLA sites following the National Contingency Plan (NCP) process and the HRS system. Our professionals are adept in the evaluation of site scores as well as disputing incorrect ratings.

Our perspective, as former regulators, offers you the confidence to approach CERCLA projects with accuracy, experience and knowledge at every stage from site evaluations to the negotiating table.


HRS scoring
HRS disputes
Preliminary Assessments (PA)
Site Inspections (SI)
Remedial Investigations (RI)/Feasibility Studies (FS)
Liability determinations
Cost-share allocations
PRP negotiations
Litigation support