John D. Cain

Founder & President

Mr. Cain has over four decades of comprehensive environmental management experience working as a state regulator, a remediation consultant, an industry environmental manager, a senior manager for an international consulting firm, and as the founder and president of Novesis, Inc. He is considered to be a RCRA expert on compliance, permitting and regulatory exclusions for recycling and reclamation (LiBs, HSMs, and industrial wastes).

Mr. Cain is considered an expert on hazardous waste identification, recycling exemptions, hazardous secondary materials, permitting, compliance and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) corrective action. He has been retained for litigation support as a consulting (and testifying) expert for a variety of complex environmental matters including RCRA, Superfund, recycling determinations and permitting applicability disputes. Mr. Cain has over forty years of direct experience with permitting hazardous waste facilities, as a regulator, consultant and a senior regional environmental manager for the largest waste management company
in North America. He has been extensively utilized as a resource in matters involving acceptable RCRA exclusions for various recycling activities, utilizing new approaches to recycling exclusions provided by recent court decisions and the major changes to RCRA regulations found in the 2018 Generator Improvement Rules.

He is also recognized as an authority regarding the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA), beginning with his work as a state regulator in 1985. His CERCLA expertise has  been gained from working all sides of the CERCLA process: as a regulator – doing site discovery, assessment, Hazard Ranking Systems (HRS) site scoring, and identification of Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs); as a technical consultant – working on site investigations, site scoring, litigation support, remedial designs and remediation; and as a PRP representative – negotiating CERCLA liability, equitable cost allocation and working to control remediation costs.

He has actively participated with the formulation and promulgation of significant environmental regulation and legislation including the first hazardous waste management regulations in South Carolina (1979-1980), the South Carolina Environmental Audit and Disclosure Immunity Act, and the South Carolina Environmental Protection Fund Act.

Mr. Cain’s multi-disciplinary experience with a wide range of intricate environmental issues has made him and effective client advocate and persuasive negotiator who has consistently achieved favorable results from State and Federal regulatory agencies. He has been successful with helping his clients realize significant cost savings through strategic planning and comprehensive regulatory understanding. His business approach has also resulted in positive long-term relationships with clients, regulatory officials and industry leaders.