New HWGIR LQG Closure Requirements

April 2, 2019

Closure Requirements for LQGs

One of the standards the Agency considers to be more stringent than the previous hazardous waste management regulations is the Rule’s provision for LQGs to notify and report various closure activities.  The Rule finalizes the following regarding LQG closure requirements for generator waste accumulation units (CAAs, tanks systems, containment buildings, and drip pads):

  • Closure requirements apply to individual LQG waste accumulation unit(s) or for the whole LQG facility (e.g., entire site);
  • Closure requirements still do not apply to SAAs at LQGs; and,
  • Closure requirements for LQG waste accumulation units such as CAAs, tank systems, containment buildings, and drip pads have been consolidated into §262.17(a)(8).


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