Happy 5th Anniversary Novesis!

Five years ago in December 2008, I started a journey, that first became a dream for me while I was working at Bryson Industrial Services in the late 80’s.

I knew the type of Company I wanted to start and I knew the type of people I wanted to work with – beyond that I knew little else.

Founding a Company is as difficult as most folks think it must be, but I have been blessed with good friends and family who have always supported and encouraged me, making this journey much easier.  I look forward to coming to work each day to share my life with an amazing group of people (anchored by the person I launched this business with, Cherie McKenna), and to serve an impressive list of clients.

Our Company continues to grow and expand, but we will NEVER lose our focus nor dilute our services.  We fully understand we are in a service business and will always provide the best service of any environmental company anywhere.

Thank you to all the Friends of Novesis (FoNs), which include our clients, vendors, employees, mentors and everyone else we have the good fortune of working with and for.

Happy Birthday NOVESIS!  “Here is to the next five years!!”

As we say here:  “Every day is a great day at Novesis!”  

–    John

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