Novesis is a trusted provider of professional environmental consulting services.  We are best known for hazardous waste management guidance, enforcement action assistance, and help with regulatory matters involving recycling and reuse.

Our staff includes former government environmental regulators who will provide you with helpful insights for working with regulatory agencies.  We provide you with perspective that can only be obtained from decades of experience – working on both sides of the regulatory fence.

We take pride in being responsive, consistently doing outstanding work, and making complex regulations easier to understand and less burdensome.  Our knowledge, experience and strategic approach will save you time, money and protect your reputation.

Put our experience to work for you (our staff have conducted over 1,000 RCRA inspections and participated in several hundred enforcement conferences).  We can simplify your job and help you navigate the complex and fluctuating environmental regulatory landscape.

Our regulatory knowledge allows us to frequently identify minor operational changes that will help companies avoid regulatory non-compliance.  Mistakes made with environmental compliance can often lead to serious consequences.  We look forward to having an opportunity to work with you, and are confident you will enjoy working with us.

Thank you for visiting our web page.  We invite you to learn more about Novesis by browsing our site, connecting with us on social media, or by contacting us directly.